ec2ce's team has only one priority - to exceed our customers' expectations!

We are more than 20 people strong; with PhDs, mathematicians, computer engineers and data science experts among our ranks. Our team's experience in real modeling implemented in energy, biotechnology, trading and agricultural sectors is combined with just the right amount of management and leadership to bring value to our customers.

Jesús López

Serving clients is our vocation, delivering excellence is our obligation.

Gualberto Asencio

Passionate experts in our respective fields solving complex problems together.

María Luisa Villarán

ec2ce's extraordinary ability to integrate new members and distribute knowledge has made my transition as part of the team an easy and speedy process.

Pedro Carrillo

Leading this team makes me proud of the company that we are building together.

Francisco José Caballero

We work with the most innovative tools available to maintain the integrity, confidentiality and availability of our customers' data.

Miguel Ángel Molina

A well-structured team is critical for facing our challenges. Discipline and rigor are part of who we are.

Ricardo Arjona

Success is the combination of ability and seizing opportunities. Our top-class team is capable and taking on each opportunity to serve our clients.

Dayrelis Mena

Our team is made up of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences which allows us to address challenges in the most efficient way.

Vicky Izquierdo

By combining experience, new talents and sustained motivation, our team introduces an innovative vision.

Juan Carlos de la Fuente

At ec2ce, education is a must. The company constantly encourages us to improve through professional development and paves a clear way towards excellence.

Maria Robledo

We go beyond data and modeling; we are conscious that our target is adding value for our customers.

Patricia Jiménez

Automation and standardization are key processes to provide well-polished and reliable services.


a weka bird

We have developed an A.I. platform that allows us to support the decision-making process in many different fields and fulfill each of our customers’ needs.   

Sophisticated machine-learning methodologies, proprietary association rules, and fuzzy logic algorithms are embedded into the platform. It is then able to select which features and algorithms should be used in each case, creating a standarized tool that is easily customized for real-world applications.

Our combination of innovation, use of technology and strategic planning puts ec2ce at the forefront of AI applied to agriculture and food supply chains.